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Automate inbound and outbound calls and maximize customer support impact in real estate, healthcare, financial services, logistics, and other business niches.

  • Set up meetings for property viewings and address customer queries regarding property legalities, transactions, and paperwork.

  • Schedule appointments and provide quick responses to patient's common queries without human intervention

  • Voice Assistants meet all the needs, from table reservations to inquiring about menus and beyond.

  • Helps handle legal claims and provides support on negotiation and debt collection.

  • Assist in sourcing and screening candidates, increasing hiring rates, and automating follow-ups with the candidates.

  • Automates handling huge call volumes and mitigates calls during peak times.

  • Surveys and Feedback Gathering

    Surveys and Feedback Gathering

    Collect customer insights to meet customer preferences and satisfaction

  • Screen potential clients and execute interactions.

  • Negotiate repayments and collect the debt

  • Reduce workload and fasten the hiring process

  • Schedule appointments and monitor patient health

  • Share updates regarding food order status and delivery timelines

  • Looking to Automate Your Business Processes?

    VoAgents is a simple, scalable, and reliable AI voice assistant that is easy to customize based on your unique business needs. It is capable of handling several inbound and outbound calls simultaneously.

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    See How VoAgents Interacts With Customers Across Various Sectors

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      Perfect for Dental Offices

      Scheduling Appointments
      Identify the intentions and availability of your customers, schedule meetings, and automate follow-up tasks depending on the conversations.