Key Issues Faced by Restaurants

Whether you own a small food chain or are a business owner of a well-established restaurant, you may face challenges that limit access to your business growth.

Increased Expenses

There's an increase in expenditures and growth is limited as the order volume rises.

Lost Revenue

Failing to serve customers on calls or in person during peak hours.

Growth Hassles

Unable to handle the rise in demand for phone orders placed off-site.

Why Choose VoAgents for Your Restaurant?

Our voice AI helps restaurants address common concerns of this digital world. You can tailor
VoAgents to your specific restaurant requirements and automate customer interactions with ease.


Alleviates Wait Times

No need to choose between answering the phone call or serving the customer who's in front of you. VoAgents answer every call on the first ring and can process transactions quickly and without keeping callers waiting.


Increased ROI

Get as much business as your kitchen can handle. Our Voice AI can process multiple orders simultaneously. Experience consistent, dynamic upselling that boosts revenue and sales every time. 


Reduced Labor Requirement

Our Voice AI assistant helps manage the order-taking process. Human personnel can concentrate more on high-value tasks like attending to customers and meeting their requirements, reducing the labor costs per order by reducing the labor needs for order taking.


Excellent Customer Service

Voice AI provides 24/7 customer assistance, providing prompt and relevant answers to customer queries. VoAgents makes order booking and table reservations hassle-free, acting as a perfect solution to improving your customer experience.


Accurate Ordering

Collecting inaccurate information or misinterpreting the orders can result in serving the wrong food items, resulting in complaints from customers. With voice AI, the need for manual labor is reduced and automatically minimizes mistakes while placing food orders.


Saves Staff Time

Cut down on the time and expenses associated with staff hiring, training, and onboarding process. VoAgents, an AI-backed voice assistant acts as a staff member that automates the repetitive tasks of order-taking, increasing the overall productivity.

Meet VoAgents: Your AI Voice Assistant for Restaurants


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