Key Challenges Faced by Real Estate Businesses

The real estate sector is filled with opportunities but holds a few challenges, restricting professionals from staying productive.

Generating Potential Leads

Lead quality is more important than quantity. Many prospects connect to just explore and are not ready to make the purchase, leading to time and resource wastage.

Lead Nurturing

Converting prospects into clients demands building trust and engagement. Many agents fail to consistently communicate with clients and deliver valuable information to engage leads.

Follow-up Strategy

Qualified lead generation needs to implement a follow-up approach. Many real estate agents fail to follow-up, leading to poor client relationships and loss of potential leads.

Why Choose VoAgents for Your Real Estate Needs?

VoAgents automates the lead generation process with great accuracy, increased efficiency, and fewer
chances of errors.


Increase Efficiency

AI-backed voice assistants can redirect complex client queries to human staff, facilitating improved interactions. With VoAgents, the staff can access real-time suggestions on closing deals efficiently and promptly, enhancing the team's efficiency.

Improved Client Handling

Improved Client Handling

VoAgents have strong conversational capabilities that help handle various calls at the same time and provide accurate information to the clients. Our voice AI solution further follows up with the clients, nurturing customer relationships and helping your business focus more on closing deals.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

VoAgents can work 24/7, unlike human staff, delivering quick and accurate responses to client inquiries. Our AI-backed voice assistants book virtual tours for the clients, ensuring they get detailed property views and enhancing their overall experience.



Get your business's inbound and outbound calls handled professionally with VoAgents. Integrating such a voice AI solution into your real estate operations will minimize the expenses associated with infrastructure and other resources to perform repetitive chores.


Filter Potential Clients

AI voice assistant for real estate helps screen clients with high conversion rates as they handle a large volume of calls daily. VoAgents can identify potential buyers, book virtual tours, and transfer the interactions to human agents, ensuring consistent follow-ups and lead nurturing.


Valuable Insights

Alongside handling multiple calls simultaneously, VoAgents gather valuable insights and record call scripts. It helps serve clients better and tailor your services for improved client satisfaction.

Meet VoAgents: Your AI Voice Assistant for Real Estate


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    Booking Meetings

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    Understand the customer intent, schedule meetings, and automate follow-up tasks to gather feedback.